Why Beard Oil?

You have a beard. Maybe it’s your first beard, maybe you’re a facial hair veteran.

The beard needs care. Facial hair is thicker and coarser than the hair on your head, and it responds differently to products. It can get dry and rough. The skin underneath the beard can get dry, flaky, or inflamed.

You could just put some oil on your beard. Go to the kitchen, pull out the olive oil.

You could buy an expensive scented oil marketed to your beard, but with nothing in it except oil and scent.

Or you could use District Devil.

District Devil Beard Oil is formulated by an herbalist, so not only does it smell amazing, but it’s made with oils and herbs that specifically support skin and hair.┬áNo fillers, no irritating preservatives or chemicals.

Argan oil: the go-to oil for hair and skin care. Softens and moisturizes the beard, supports the skin.

Burdock root: traditionally used to support hair growth, and to soothe skin.

Chamomile: decreases any inflammation caused by ingrown hairs, or by your razor when you keep the edges crisp.

Essential oils: scents that come from actual plants, not from factory perfumes.


All our products are hand-made in the District of Columbia.